MC279467 – Changes to Search in Microsoft Stream (Classic) (archived)

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You are receiving this message because our reporting indicates that one or more users in your organization are using Microsoft Stream (Classic).
Starting September 20, 2021, and on an ongoing basis, your Microsoft Stream (Classic) users may be unable to view, search, or edit automatically generated transcripts for newly uploaded videos OR videos that were not uploaded, edited, or viewed during the prior six (6) months (three (3) months if you are a customer in the eastern United States data center). Transcripts will be automatically regenerated when a video gets a new view or when a user with owner rights to the video updates the video details to automatically regenerate the transcript (the video will need to have at least 1 new view).
For your reference, this is an update to prior Message center posts:
MC234079 and MC248965 for eastern United States data center
MC241595 for northern Europe data center
Note: this does not apply to,
Automatically generated transcripts that have been edited
Transcripts that have been manually uploaded to Stream (Classic)
Videos that have been uploaded, edited, or viewed within the past six months
[When this will happen:]
Beginning September 20, 2021

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