Tag: Admin impact

MC254892 – Outlook: Dictate emails on iPhone and iPad

check before: 2021-05-20 Product: Outlook Scope: Platform: World tenant, iOS Links: Details: You can now use speech-to-text to dictate email messages, available starting in EN-US. This message is associated with Microsoft 365 https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/roadmap?filters=searchterms=81951 target=”_blank” style=””>Roadmap

MC254874 – Plan for Change: Updates to Windows 10 reports

check before: 2021-05-20 Product: Intune, Windows 10 Scope: Platform: Windows Desktop, World tenant Links: Details: There are several upcoming changes to Windows 10 reports to improve the reporting experience in Microsoft Endpoint Manager: May (2105)

MC254426 – Apps in External Scenarios

check before: 2021-05-19 Product: Office app, Teams Scope: Platform: World tenant, Online Links: 83094 Details: Apps will now be available for use in external meetings and chats. Users from the host organization (the user who

MC253185 – Whiteboard storage changing to OneDrive for Business

check before: 2021-05-12 Product: OneDrive, Teams, Whiteboard Scope: Platform: World tenant, Online, Web Links: Details: Microsoft Whiteboard?the collaborative canvas in Microsoft 365?is being rebuilt to integrate seamlessly across the suite, so you can create, share,