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Updated February 23, 2022: We have updated the rollout timeline below to show correctly. We apologize for any confusion.
Whiteboard is creating a unified experience across devices. Soon, you’ll have the same experience no matter which device you are using Whiteboard on, and all whiteboards will be created in OneDrive for Business.
When are these changes happening?: The automatic store rollout will begin in mid-February, completing by mid-March. The switch to ODB as the default for new content will begin in mid-March, completing by late-April.
How can I update the Whiteboard application on Windows ahead of time?: To get early access to the new Whiteboard app for Windows prior to the automatic update, we have two options available.
Option 1: Install Whiteboard using Intune: Download the new Whiteboard app here. You can deploy this package to users’ devices using Intune. Follow the steps in this article Enable Microsoft Whiteboard for your organization, in the section “How to Deploy the Windows Application”. Note that you will need to continue to deploy updated versions of the application using this process.
Option 2: Provide a separate version for users to try. Download the beta version from here: Your users can download a new trial version of the Whiteboard app from here. This will install a standalone trial version that they can use, without impacting the current application. Once the automatic update begins, users should uninstall the trial version.
How can I update the Whiteboard application on Surface Hub ahead of time?: There is no mechanism to preview the new whiteboard app before the release on surface hub. We will be sending a detailed communication on the changes on whiteboard experience on hub shortly. We apologize for any confusion.
How can I start using OneDrive for Business storage ahead of time?: To get early access to Whiteboard on OneDrive for Business, you can enable it in the Office 365 admin portal following the steps in this article Microsoft Whiteboard on OneDrive for Business Opt-In This article outlines which clients are currently supported. Default on will begin in late March and complete by mid-April.
What are the primary differences between the new and old experiences?: Please reference this article for a list of current differences, anticipated features to be added by the time the applications unify, as well as additional planned features coming in 2022: New Whiteboard experience and features coming to you
Microsoft Whiteboard is being updated to provide a new, unified experience across all devices, whether you’re on a large screen or a mobile phone. We’ve already shipped new, highly requested features to our web app, Android app and Teams clients, and there’s more on the way. As part of this new experience, we will also be updating our native applications on Windows 10, Surface Hub and iOS to provide a uniform experience across all devices.

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