Tag: Feature update

MC224942 – Announcing general availability of SharePoint spaces

check before: 2020-10-29 Product: SharePoint Scope: Platform: Online, World tenant Links: 67135MC208358 Details: We announced https://support.microsoft.com/office/sharepoint-spaces-7b65edfb-7cc9-42e3-af37-178d79364a5e SharePoint spaces in April (MC208358). This web-based, immersive platform, which allows your users to create and share mixed reality

MC224417 – Outlook add-ins and optional connected experiences

check before: 2020-10-23 Product: Outlook Scope: Platform: Web, World tenant Links: Details: For Microsoft 365 Monthly Enterprise Channel and Semi-Annual Channel customers, we are changing how Outlook add-ins behave when the https://docs.microsoft.com/deployoffice/privacy/optional-connected-experiences optional connected experiences

MC224405 – Cortana Briefing Email support for Spanish

check before: 2020-10-23 Product: Cortana, Exchange, Outlook Scope: Platform: Online, World tenant Links: 68695 Details: The https://docs.microsoft.com/briefing/be-overview target=”_blank” style=””>Briefing email from Cortana helps users start their day on track by surfacing information on upcoming meetings

MC224358 – Awareness: Teams PowerShell Module

check before: 2020-10-22 Product: Skype for Business, Teams Scope: Platform: Online, World tenant Links: Details: We are pleased to announce a single Teams PowerShell module that now includes all cmdlets from Skype for Business Online

MC222963 – Updates to Discover feed in Outlook for Android

check before: 2020-10-05 Product: Outlook Scope: Platform: Android, Developer, Online, World tenant Links: 70112MC221542 Details: We are changing the name of the Discover feed section on the Search home page in Outlook for Android to

MC222756 – Quick edit is becoming Edit in grid view in Microsoft Lists and SharePoint libraries

check before: 2020-09-30 Product: Microsoft Lists, SharePoint Scope: Platform: Online, World tenant, Web Links: 67136 Details: We are changing the name of the control used to edit bulk lists in https://support.microsoft.com/office/introduction-to-libraries-7d4221d9-8fb9-40d5-8441-2374c84b5e26 SharePoint libraries and https://resources.techcommunity.microsoft.com/microsoft-lists/