Tag: Major update

MC498471 – IPv6 coming to Azure AD

check before: 2023-03-30 Product: Azure Active Directory, Microsoft 365 Apps Platform: World tenant, Online Status: Change type: New feature, Admin impact Links: Details: With the growing adoption and support of IPv6 across enterprise networks, service

MC496849 – Stream (Classic) Sets Retirement Date of Feb 15, 2024

check before: 2023-05-15 Product: eDiscovery, Graph API, Microsoft 365 admin center, Microsoft 365 Apps, Microsoft Viva Connections, OneDrive, SharePoint, Stream, Teams, Yammer Platform: Developer, Multi-Geo, Online, Web, World tenant Status: Change type: User impact, Admin

MC496251 – Retirement of apps based on selected templates

check before: 2023-01-25 Product: Teams Platform: World tenant, Online Status: Change type: User impact, Admin impact, Retirement Links: Details: We will be retiring the apps based on the following Teams App Templates – Poll, Survey,

MC487016 – (Updated) Microsoft 365: Microsoft Feed

check before: 2022-12-31 Product: Office 365 general Platform: Web, World tenant Status: In development Change type: Admin impact, Feature update, Updated message, User impact Links: 106124 Details: Updated January 17, 2023: We have updated the

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