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Viva Pulse is a new employee feedback experience that is available for use with your Viva Suite subscription. Viva Pulse empowers managers and project team leaders to request and receive feedback from their teams at any time. Managers and project leads can choose from research-based templates to quickly create a survey and send it to select inpiduals or groups. They can also track feedback to understand team sentiment over time and show teams they’re being heard by working together to take clear steps to address needs. Viva Pulse General Availability will be on July 20th, 2023.
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What Viva Suite users will see leading up to our General Availability on July 20th:
The Viva Pulse application will be immediately visible to all end users with a license assignment to the Viva Suite; however, the application will be inaccessible until our General Availability in July. If end users try to access Viva Pulse before the General Availability, then they will see a ‘No Access’ page, unless the user is a part of our Public Preview.
Viva Pulse will be accessible from the following surfaces: apps list
Viva Home / Connections
Navigation in Microsoft Teams' Viva apps
Microsoft Teams App Store
What Viva Suite users can access on and after our General Availability on July 20th:
After the General Availability in July, any user in your tenant with an active license assignment to the Viva Suite who tries to access Viva Pulse will have the Viva Pulse service plan and be able to use the app.
Viva Pulse will be accessible via both a Microsoft Teams app and a web experience, which can be accessed by visiting Viva Pulse.

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