MC611677 – Microsoft Defender for Office empowers end users to report suspicious messages in Microsoft Teams (follow-up)

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New feature, Admin impact


This is a follow up of Message Center post MC567478.
Starting July 10th ability for Microsoft Teams users to report messages within Teams as security risk will be turned on by default. Security risk messages could include ones that contain phishing or spam or malicious content, such as phishing URL or malware file, spam content. To learn how end users can report, see User reported message settings in Microsoft Teams.
NOTE: This only applies to Microsoft for Defender Plan 2 customers or Microsoft E5/ Office E5 customers.
This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 100160
[When this will happen:]
This change will go into effect starting July 10th and be completed for all tenants by mid-July 2023, if the tenant hasn't opted out.

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Limited Availability, Preview



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