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MC248395 – Teams: Join a meeting with digital meeting ID

check before: 2021-04-16 Product: Outlook, Teams Scope: Platform: mobile, World tenant, Online Links: 80668 Details: This release of Microsoft Teams Meeting ID will be rolling out across Microsoft Teams Desktop, Mobile and Web and will

MC248396 – New DLP solution overview page in M365 compliance center

check before: 2021-04-16 Product: Microsoft Compliance center Scope: Platform: World tenant, Online, Web Links: 70814 Details: You will soon see a new Overview page for the https://docs.microsoft.com/microsoft-365/compliance/data-loss-prevention-policies Data loss prevention (DLP) solution in the Microsoft

MC248007 – Customize apps in Microsoft Teams

check before: 2021-04-15 Product: Teams Scope: Platform: World tenant, Online Links: 70769 Details: A new Microsoft Teams app customization feature gives you the ability to re-brand some Teams apps. This message is associated with Microsoft

MC248003 – Microsoft built on-prem Graph connectors are now in public preview

check before: 2021-04-15 Product: Office 365 general Scope: Platform: Developer, World tenant, Online Links: Details: Graph connectors for four highly popular data sources (https://docs.microsoft.com/microsoftsearch/fileshare-connector Windows file share, https://docs.microsoft.com/microsoftsearch/mssql-connector MSSQL, https://docs.microsoft.com/microsoftsearch/oraclesql-connector Oracle DB, https://docs.microsoft.com/microsoftsearch/enterprise-web-connector Enterprise websites)

MC247825 – Teams for your personal life banners

check before: 2021-04-13 Product: Microsoft 365 admin center, Teams Scope: Platform: mobile, World tenant Links: Details: To inform users about the new productivity features and the ability to sign in with different accounts, we will

MC246703 – Supervised Chat for Teams private chats

check before: 2021-04-09 Product: Teams Scope: Platform: World tenant, Online Links: 81359 Details: To prevent inappropriate messaging behavior, many institutions have had to disable private chat in Microsoft Teams. Now, we’re excited to bring this