Tag: Android

MC383876 – Collaborative Annotations on Presenter Shared Screen

check before: 2022-06-07 Product: Teams, Whiteboard Platform: Android, iOS, Mac, US Instances, Web, Windows Desktop, World tenant Status: In development Change type: New feature, User impact Links: 86732 Details: Collaborative Annotation helps you collaborate with

MC360768 – Microsoft Lists for Android

check before: 2022-05-03 Product: Azure Active Directory, Intune, Microsoft 365 Apps, Microsoft Lists, Office app, OneDrive, SharePoint Platform: Android, Education, Germany, mobile, Online, US Instances, Web, World tenant Status: Launched Change type: New feature, User

93219 – Outlook: Updated notifications experience in Mobile

check before: 2022-04-01 Product: Outlook Platform: Android, iOS, mobile, US Instances, World tenant Status: In development Change type: Feature update, User impact Links: Details: We’ve updated notifications to make it easier for you to effectively

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