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72353 – Outlook for Android: Favorites for additional customers

check before: 2020-09-30 Product: Outlook Scope: Platform: Android, US Instances Links: Details: Outlook for Android: ?Microsoft 365 US Government Community Cloud (GCC) customers with moderate and high security requirements, and the Department of Defense will

67028 – Outlook for Android: Text predictions

check before: 2020-10-31 Product: Outlook Scope: Platform: Android, Education, US Instances, World tenant Links: Details: Outlook will help speed up writing and replying to emails by predicting text to complete sentences. By swiping you can

68286 – Outlook for Android: Use your voice to compose an email

check before: 2020-09-30 Product: Office app, Outlook Scope: Platform: Android, Education Links: Details: Use your voice to start to compose a message to a specific person. Status:In development Ring:Monthly Channel (Standard) Created:2020-09-02 updated:2020-09-02 Change type:New

67272 – Outlook for Android: Automatic signing and encryption

check before: 2020-08-31 Product: Outlook Scope: Platform: Android, US Instances, World tenant Links: MC220427 Details: User setting to enable all messages to be automatically signed and encrypted using Secure Mobile Internet Mail extensions (S/MIME). Status:Launched

66756 – Whiteboard: Sticky notes, text and selection

check before: 2020-07-31 Product: Teams, Whiteboard Scope: Platform: Web, Windows Desktop, World tenant Links: Details: Participants in Teams and on Web can now insert text, sticky notes and select/move items on the board. Status:Launched Ring:General