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MC248207 – SharePoint Auto News Digest updates

check before: 2021-04-15 Product: SharePoint Scope: Platform: Online, World tenant Links: 7060670810 Details: You may already know about and use the SharePoint automatic news digest, which is sent to users with news that is relevant

70809 – Yammer: Nested Replies in Yammer

check before: 2021-06-30 Product: Windows 10, Yammer Scope: Platform: Android, iOS, Mac, Windows Desktop, World tenant Links: Details: Yammer conversations will soon have nested replies. This threading makes it easier for users to read and

72199 – Office 365: Microsoft feedback management controls

check before: 2021-03-31 Product: Azure Active Directory Scope: Platform: Android, iOS, Mac, World tenant, Online Links: Details: We are introducing new cross platform policies to help administrators better manage the feedback experience for their organization.

80464 – Establish official communities in Yammer

check before: 2021-03-31 Product: Yammer Scope: Platform: Android, iOS, World tenant, Web Links: Details: Designate your most important communities as “Official” to show that they are company-endorsed within the network. (CEO Connections, Contoso News, IT

70732 – SharePoint spaces: Embed Web Part and Annotation

check before: 2021-03-31 Product: SharePoint Scope: Platform: Android, Education, iOS, Linux, Mac, US Instances, World tenant Links: Details: Show SharePoint pages or HTML embed content as an interactable overlay on a SharePoint space. Status:In development

80915 – Microsoft Teams: Walkie Talkie on iOS (Preview)

check before: 2021-05-31 Product: Teams Scope: Platform: iOS, World tenant Links: Details: Walkie Talkie, a push-to-talk experience that enables clear and secure voice communication over the cloud, enables teams to communicate instantly and always stay