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Microsoft Viva Insights is expanding access to the Copilot Dashboard (Preview) and introducing new admin controls. Admins can manage access to the dashboard, and more organizational leaders will have access. The rollout will start in mid-March 2024 and end in late April 2024. The Copilot Dashboard provides insights on Copilot usage metrics, collaboration, and sentiment data, and Viva Insights analysts can create custom reports based on these metrics. Users who are senior leaders within large teams can automatically view the report, and admins can grant or revoke access to the dashboard using the M365 Admin Center. PowerShell cmdlets can be used to disable default access.
We’re adding new controls for admins to manage access to the Microsoft Copilot Dashboard and expanding access to more organizational leaders.
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Worldwide: We will begin rolling out in mid-March 2024 and expect to complete by late April 2024.

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