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check before: 2024-02-21


Copilot, Microsoft 365 suite, Microsoft Search


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Feature update, User impact, Admin impact



Starting today, the Microsoft Copilot user interface (UI) is updating to a more streamlined look and feel based on user feedback. The updated UI makes it easier to follow the flow of chats while using Copilot.
Copilot UI updates include:
A left-aligned chat experience. In the updated chat experience, users will see their profile icon next to their prompts and the Copilot icon next to Copilot’s responses.
Chat that will scroll down from the top of the page (versus up from the bottom).
Simplified visuals and text for a cleaner interface.
For users signed in with their personal accounts (not work or school), suggested prompts above the chat input box are transitioning to a carousel format.
Additionally, Designer in Copilot is updating with new feature experiences. Users can now customize their generated images with inline editing, reimagine their images with different effects or sizes, and more.
[When this will happen:]
The Copilot UI changes will start rolling out today.

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