MC686596 – Simpler and quicker creation of teams and channels

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Collaborate more easily by creating teams and channels simpler and faster - a simple by default, power when needed experience!
Currently, our team and channel creation processes have several steps and are focused on letting users create team at the top level, with channel creation as an option for each team.
We are making the team create experience simpler by default, but still giving users the advanced options of creating a team from a template or group and choosing the privacy/ sensitivity of the team if they want. To help users create channels within these teams, we are putting "create channel" option at the top. They will be able to host the channel into a default team or a team they select.
Users can now create the right collab space by choosing between team or channel. Overall, users can now set up the right teams or channels from the + button, without having to go to different places or follow multiple steps.
[When this will happen:]

Preview: We will begin rolling out mid-November 2023.
Targeted Release: We will begin rolling out late November 2023.
Standard Release: We will begin rolling out early December and expect to complete by mid-December 2023.

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