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85649 – Outlook: FindTime availability in GCC (Moderate)

check before: 2021-11-01 Product: FindTime, Outlook Platform: Mac, US Instances, Web, Windows Desktop Status: In development Change type: New feature Links: Details: FindTime will become available for customers in GCC. Ring:General Availability Created:2021-10-02 updated:2021-10-02 task

86480 – Microsoft Teams: Paging on Video Gallery

*For this entry exists the more relevant or more recent entry MC263055 check before: 2021-11-01 Product: Teams Platform: Mac, US Instances, World tenant, Windows Desktop Status: In development Change type: Feature update, User impact Links:

MC276026 – (Updated) Nested Replies and Related Features

check before: 2021-08-20 Product: Windows 10, Yammer Platform: Android, iOS, Mac, Windows Desktop, World tenant Status: Rolling out Change type: New feature, Updated message, User impact Links: 70809 Details: Updated September 14, 2021: We have

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