MC653737 – Opportunity to roll back Teams Live Events to temporarily enable Attendee Guest Web join (archived)

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check before: 2023-08-05


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Recently, we rolled out a change to the Teams Live Events attendee experience which did not allow Guest users to join as an attendee on the Web. This change came about as an update to improve the attendee experience and to support the new RTMP-In experience for Teams Live Events.
To better transition to the new Teams Live Events Experience, we are offering customers the opportunity to roll back the new Teams Live Events version to an earlier version to allow Guest users to join the Teams Live Event as an attendee on the web; however, if you do choose this option, you will lose several new teams live events capabilities for your entire tenant including the following:
Multi-window experience for attendees
Video on Demand (VOD) for Teams Encoder Events
We recommend only choosing this rollback option if attendee Guest joins on Web in a Teams Live Event is important to your organization.
We will support this rollback until the end of June 2024. Please note that Stream external encoder support, otherwise known as RTMP-In, will be deprecated in the future. This is important if your organization is dependent on Stream or the later version of Teams Live Events to support external encoder events or external encoder VOD scenarios. Please refer to Roadmap ID 84960 and MC513601 for more information.
[When this will happen:]
You may request this rollback effective immediately. Once a request is received, it will take approximately 5-10 business days for the changes to be reflected in your tenant.

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