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Viva Goals currently has a field named “type” while creating and filtering OKRs which designates where the OKR would be created. The terminology is now changing from “type” to “teams.” In addition to the name change, the functionality of the “teams” field will expand to include additional context and faster search capability as OKR owners assign a team to an OKR.
All OKRs created from the My OKRs page will now be set to unassigned by default. OKRs being created from a specific team or organization page will continue to have the current default of the selected team or the organization.
OKRs can continue to be created at an individual, team or at the organization level. An OKR can be co-owned by both a team and the organization so that an OKR can serve not only as companywide initiatives, but also team and organization initiatives.
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Roll out will begin in late February and is expected to be complete by early March.

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