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Updated November 18, 2021: We have updated the content below for clarity. Thank you for your feedback.
We’re are introducing a powerful new default security preset called Built-in-Protection in Defender for Office 365. Built-in-Protection is a third preset security policy (like the Standard and Strict preset policies), and is enabled by default for all new and existing customers. It will implement a version of Safe Links and Safe Attachments resulting in low impact on the end-user. It's low impact as the end user experience will not be changed - URL links will not be wrapped. However, it will implement delivery time file and URL detonation as well as time of click protection.
[Key points:]
Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 72208.
Timing: We will begin rolling out in mid-December and complete by late January.
Begining in early November, you will be able to view the Built-in-Protection preset in the Defender for Office 365 portal and configure any exceptions required ahead of the policy enablement rollout that begins in mid-December.
Action: Review and assess impact to users in your organization.
Note: Configured exceptions will be honored for the Safe Links and Safe Attachment settings within Built-In-Protection when it is eventually enabled for your tenant. Configured exceptions do not apply to the global Safe Links and Safe Attachment settings within Built-in-Protection. To changes these settings after Built-in-Protection is enabled, admins can modify the global Safe Attachments or global Safe Links policies directly at any time. To learn about the specific settings set by Built-in-Protection, please see: Microsoft recommendations for EOP and Defender for Office 365 security settings - Office 365 | Microsoft Docs

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