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Microsoft Purview's Data Loss Prevention (DLP) analytics feature analyzes data protection challenges, generates recommendations, and provides policy improvement opportunities. Admins can turn on analytics in Purview's DLP overview page to receive weekly recommendations. The feature uses an intelligent algorithm to identify risks and suggest mitigations, with the top two recommendations prioritized as cards. Admins can view all recommendations and take necessary actions. No action is required to prepare for the rollout.
In Microsoft Purview, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) analytics is a feature that enables you to analyze data protection challenges, gaps, policy, and posture enhancement possibilities in the organization. Use intelligent Purview features to explore these challenges and resolve them in a few easy steps.
After you turn on analytics, you can review analytics and recommendations will be generated each week on the overview page of DLP. The two prioritized cards show top recommendations. View all recommendations shows all generated recommendations and their status, which enables admins to take action.
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Public Preview: Rollout completed in late September 2023.
We will begin rolling out mid-February 2024 and expected to complete by late February 2024.

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