MC715428 – Retirement of entities in Outlook for contextual add-ins

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Outlook will retire entity stamping for contextual add-ins in mid-May to mid-June 2024. Add-ins relying on entity stamping, such as Bing Maps, Action Items, and Suggested Meetings, will also be retired. Regex matching and the Join Meeting button in online meeting add-ins will still be supported. Add-in developers need to update their add-ins to use regex matching or the Join Meeting button before the change to avoid losing functionality. Some APIs will also stop working for add-ins. See provided links for more information.
We’re making some changes to the way Outlook supports contextual add-ins. Contextual add-ins activate based on the content of an email message or a meeting request. Currently, Outlook supports two methods for activating contextual add-ins: entity stamping and regular expression (regex) matching.
Entity stamping is a process where Outlook identifies and highlights certain types of data in a message, such as addresses, phone numbers, meeting suggestions, and task suggestions. When a user clicks on a highlighted entity, Outlook shows a list of add-ins that are relevant to that entity.
Regex matching is a process where Outlook matches the content of a message against a set of regular expressions provided by the add-in developer. When a match is found, Outlook provides a control that can launch the add-in.
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We will begin rolling this out in mid-May 2024 and expect to complete by mid-June 2024.

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