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The private add-in data on the Microsoft 365 Apps Health dashboard will be discontinued by Microsoft.
The Add-in tab on the Microsoft 365 Apps health page in the Microsoft 365 Apps admin center shows admins both public and private add-in data in one place. On February 29, 2024, the portal will stop processing and displaying private add-in data.
Other features in Microsoft 365 Apps health, like the performance & reliability metrics for the Microsoft 365 Apps as well as performance & reliability metrics for public add-ins are not affected and will remain available as of today.
The support of running add-ins by the Microsoft 365 Apps remains as-is and is not affected by this retirement note.
Public add-ins are extensions for the Microsoft 365 Apps that come from independent vendors or Microsoft and are generally broadly available, either for free or for a fee. Private add-ins are extensions specific to an organization and have been developed internally or externally for internal use and are not broadly available.
Note: You can ignore this message if your organization does not use Microsoft 365 Apps health or the Add-in health tab.
[When this will happen:]
We will roll out this change in late February 2024 and expect to complete by early March 2024.

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