MC708076 – Microsoft Viva Engage: New feature to limit moving of conversations across communities (archived)

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check before: 2024-02-01


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Starting in January 2024, Microsoft Viva Engage customers will see a new setting to prevent users from moving conversations into a community.

Community or Engage admins may want to limit the movement of conversations between communities in the network. The new limit move conversation feature helps with that goal. When applied, users cannot move conversations into a community. All users can move conversations out of a community. Regardless of setting status, admins retain the ability to move a conversation anywhere in the network.
The limit move conversation feature is a toggle on a community’s Settings page. The toggle is available per community. Community admins can use the toggle for communities they manage. Engage admins can adjust the setting in any community.
This feature is only available in the community settings in the Viva Engage web/desktop experience and in Outlook and Teams apps. Mobile apps and the Classic Engage (Yammer) experiences will not see this new setting.
[When this will happen:]
Networks will begin to see the limit move conversation feature in community settings starting January 2024. Full rollout will complete by the end of March 2024.

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