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We will be retiring Delve on December 16th, 2024. Most of the features and value offered by Delve today are already available and improved in other experiences in Microsoft 365. The main one being Profile Cards in Microsoft 365. Here is a list of features offered in Delve and the experiences we recommend using instead:
Delve Home – discover relevant documents recommended on, in Office apps and in Profile Cards.
Delve Profile – view profile data in the Profile Cards cross M365, through people in search on and search in SharePoint.
Edit profile – a new edit profile experience tightly coupled with Profile Cards are being developed and will be released in second half of 2024. It is also possible for users to edit their profile data in the SharePoint profile edit experience (editprofile.aspx).
Organizational view – exists in the Profile Card and as a dedicated experience in Org Explorer
Favorites – favorites on and OneDrive is not connected to Delve and is a good option for users with similar functionality and improved availability.
Boards – will not be replaced.
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December 16, 2024

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