MC230096 – Change to properties added to Teams chat messages saved in Exchange Online

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check before: 2020-12-23


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We're making some changes to the properties that are included in Teams chat messages when they are added to Exchange Online mailboxes. Note: if you are not using eDiscovery you can disregard this message. Currently, when chat messages (including 1:1 chats and 1:N chats) are added to Exchange Online mailboxes, the following Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) properties are added as MAPI properties to each message: DisplayName EmailAddresses Guid LegacyExchangeDN ObjectClass PrimarySmtpAddress RecipientDisplayType RecipientType RecipientTypeDetails Sid SimpleDisplayName This process requires Teams to look up the value for each of these properties (in a separate call to Azure AD) for every participant of a chat. Many of these properties are legacy Exchange properties used for mail delivery but aren't used for compliance purposes such as performing an eDiscovery search. Additionally, this process is resource intensive and may impact the Teams service while Exchange is looking up each of these properties for each chat participant in separate calls. To address this issue, we are making a change so that only the DisplayName and PrimarySmtpAddress properties will be stamped on chat messages added to mailboxes for compliance purposes.

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