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MC224942 – Announcing general availability of SharePoint spaces

check before: 2020-10-29 Product: SharePoint Scope: Platform: Online, World tenant Links: 67135MC208358 Details: We announced https://support.microsoft.com/office/sharepoint-spaces-7b65edfb-7cc9-42e3-af37-178d79364a5e SharePoint spaces in April (MC208358). This web-based, immersive platform, which allows your users to create and share mixed reality

MC224822 – Introducing commenting in Microsoft Lists

check before: 2020-11-23 Product: Microsoft Lists, SharePoint, Teams Scope: Platform: Online, World tenant Links: 64169 Details: Your users will soon be able to add and delete comments on list items. Users can view all comments

MC224713 – Increasing team membership to 25,000 members per team

check before: 2020-10-27 Product: Teams Scope: Platform: World tenant Links: 68723 Details: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/microsoft-teams-blog/what-s-new-in-microsoft-teams-microsoft-ignite-2020/ba-p/1665600 As announced at Ignite, we are increasing the number of members that can be added to a team from 10,000 to 25,000.

MC224734 – Security Defaults – MFA update to four administrator roles

check before: 2020-10-27 Product: Azure Active Directory Scope: Platform: World tenant, Online Links: Details: If you have Security Defaults enabled in your tenant, all Application Administrators, Cloud Application Administrators, Password Administrators, and Privileged Authentication Administrators

MC224749 – Intune Plan for Change: iOS 14 required apps will be removable by end-users

check before: 2020-10-28 Product: Intune Scope: Platform: iOS, World tenant Links: Details: With the launch of Apple’s iOS 14, we https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/intune-customer-success/microsoft-endpoint-manager-support-for-ios-14-ipados-14-and/ba-p/1671452 announced new scenarios and updates that we made to provide the best Mobile Device

MC224417 – Outlook add-ins and optional connected experiences

check before: 2020-10-23 Product: Outlook Scope: Platform: Web, World tenant Links: Details: For Microsoft 365 Monthly Enterprise Channel and Semi-Annual Channel customers, we are changing how Outlook add-ins behave when the https://docs.microsoft.com/deployoffice/privacy/optional-connected-experiences optional connected experiences

MC224422 – Windows 10 native notifications in Teams

check before: 2020-10-23 Product: Teams, Windows 10 Scope: Platform: Windows Desktop, World tenant Links: 66742 Details: With this update, your users will be able to choose their preferred means of Teams notifications delivery, either via

MC224434 – Creating customized meetings experiences with apps in Microsoft Teams

check before: 2020-10-23 Product: Teams Scope: Platform: Developer, World tenant, Online Links: 68733 Details: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/microsoft-teams-blog/creating-customized-meetings-experiences-with-apps-in-microsoft/ba-p/1665604 Per our announcement at Ignite 2020, we are introducing three new surfaces for Teams meetings: a pre- and post-meeting tab;

MC224355 – Reminder: Upcoming licensing and technical enforcement deadlines

check before: 2020-10-22 Product: Power apps, Power Automate, SharePoint Scope: Platform: World tenant, Online Links: Details: On March 26, 2020 Microsoft https://cloudblogs.microsoft.com/dynamics365/bdm/2020/03/26/resources-and-support-for-our-global-customers-impacted-by-covid-19/>announced a number of measures across Power Platform and Dynamics 365 in support of