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We are adding support for templates in user management in the Microsoft 365 admin center. Templates allow you to quickly create many users by saving and reusing the shared settings for these users. You can save values for roles, licenses assigned, contact information, location, and more. When you use the template to create a new user, they will automatically get the saved value for these settings. Example: I have a large group of engineers starting in Redmond. I know that they will all be users with no admin role, Microsoft 365 Business, be located in the United States, be Engineer 1, be in the engineering department, and be in the Redmond office. I can save all of these values to a ?Redmond engineer? template. When I go to create the users, I can use this template to prepopulate all these values. Templates will be rolling out slowly over starting in the beginning of September. We will be looking at expanding the scenarios and functionality for templates over the next few months.

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