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MC241750 – Microsoft Forms – Increased form limits (archived)

check before: 2021-03-12 Product: Forms Platform: World tenant, Online Status: Change type: Feature update, User impact Links: Details: Microsoft Forms currently “https://support.microsoft.com/office/form-question-response-and-character-limits-in-microsoft-forms-ec15323d-92a4-4c33-bf88-3fdb9e5b5fea” limits forms/quizzes to 200 per user/group and provides a bonus 200 specific for

79450 – Forms: Split sending and sharing entry point

*For this entry exists the more relevant or more recent entry MC335638 check before: 2022-02-01 Product: Forms Platform: mobile, Online, Web, Windows Desktop, World tenant Status: Launched Change type: Feature update Links: MC335638MC242333 Details: To

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