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This message is intended to notify all customers utilizing social ratings APIs that Microsoft will start retiring a number of these APIs starting January 2024. If your organization is not using the social ratings APIs, you can safely disregard this message.
For a comprehensive list of the APIs scheduled for retirement, please refer to the information provided below.
Microsoft has decided to retire the following APIs:

CountRatingsOnUrl (string URL)
GetRatingsOfUser (string userAccountName)
GetRatingsOnUrl (string URL)
GetRatingOnUrl (string URL)
GetRatingOfUserOnUrl (string userAccountName, string URL)
DeleteRating (string URL)
All of these APIs pertain to the social rating functionality ([MS-UPSDWS]: Glossary | Microsoft Learn).
The rationale behind this choice is that these APIs are superfluous and consistently yield empty results when called, leading to an inefficient utilization of customers' computing resources if they continue to make requests to them. Please be aware that in the event these APIs are invoked after they are retired, an exception with the message 'This API is deprecated; you should stop invoking the API and remove references.' will be returned.
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January 1, 2024.

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