MC660072 – Teams Auto-Install Approved Apps (AAA) Feature Update (archived)

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check before: 2023-08-08


Azure Active Directory, Entra, Entra ID, Microsoft 365 admin center, Teams


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Feature update, User impact, Admin impact



Microsoft Teams Auto-Install Approved Apps (AAA) uses activity from your users to install and surface apps that admins have already allowed for the tenant. An admin can enable AAA to help users naturally discover and use apps that are highly relevant to their needs within Microsoft Teams. Specifically, when a user signs into specific SaaS apps using Azure AD (e.g. in web browser), the app will be installed for that user on Teams.

This feature is Generally Available as OFF by default and can be turned ON by admins in Teams Admin Center.
This message is to inform about an update to the feature: when Adobe Acrobat is auto installed by AAA, users who received the auto install will also have their default PDF file handler in Teams changed to open attached PDF files with the Teams Adobe Acrobat app. This experience applies to both new and existing users who have Adobe Acrobat installed in Teams through AAA, as it has been described in the feature documentation. Users benefit from:
Discovering Adobe Acrobat easily in Teams without manually searching and installing it, since users are already using Adobe Acrobat outside of Teams.
Convenient access to the features they are using when opening a PDF file with Adobe Acrobat.
[When this will happen:]

We will begin rolling out in late July 2023 and expect to complete rollout by early August 2023.

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