MC649049 – Microsoft Edge Workspaces now generally available for enterprises (archived)

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Staying in sync on projects with many different links, files, and resources is difficult. With Microsoft Edge Workspaces, teams can view the same project websites and latest working files in one place as a shared set of browser tabs to help them stay in sync.
Microsoft Edge Workspaces is a new enterprise feature to help users and teams stay better organized and productive in their workdays. Users and teams can group browser tabs for a project together in a dedicated browser window called a "workspace." With a workspace, users and teams can easily "pause and resume" working on their project, meaning they can close the workspace with all their tabs and confidently open it later to access their tabs again. They can also invite additional teammates to join their workspace for a shared experience where teams can browse together.
Admin controls are available as specified at the link below.
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Standard Release: Microsoft Edge Workspaces is available now for users signed in with their Microsoft Entra ID accounts using Microsoft Edge version 114 or higher.

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