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We are rolling out a public preview of a new capability of the access checker feature that will be available in all regions globally by Wednesday, May 31, 2023. Currently, record owners can share their records with other colleagues to collaborate in Microsoft Dataverse but are unable to identify all users who have access to their records. This new capability of access checker will enable these owners to review a list of users who have access to a specific record through the application client.

How can I enable this feature?
This capability can be enabled in your environments for your users to preview.

There are two OrganizationSettings values that you can change using the OrganizationSettingsEditor tool:
IsAccessCheckerAllUsersEnabled: This allows the admin to see who has access to the row.
IsAccessCheckerNonAdminAllUsersEnabled: This allows the admin, owner of the record, and users who have access to the row to see who has access.
To learn more about this new access checker capability, review our documentation covering how to check your user access and permissions and learn how to use access checker to view all users who have access to your record.

If you require any assistance, please contact Microsoft Support.

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