MC447307 – Announcement of automatic deletion of inactive Microsoft Dataverse for Teams environments (archived)

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The Microsoft Power Platform is introducing a cleanup mechanism that will automatically remove inactive Dataverse for Teams environments from your tenant. Dataverse for Teams environments will be first disabled after being inactive for 90 days, the environment will then be deleted after 30 days of being disabled if no action is taken by the administrators. A disabled or deleted Dataverse for Teams environment will not affect any other Microsoft Teams assets (teams, channels, SharePoint sites, Teams-connected sites...etc.) and applies only to Dataverse integrations.

The automatic deletion of inactive Microsoft Dataverse for Teams environments will start rolling out on October 2022 and be fully available worldwide by the beginning of November 2022.

How do I prepare?
Review your Dataverse for Teams environments to confirm if they are active or inactive. For more information on what is considered inactive, visit definition of inactivity. This will help you decide if your Dataverse for Teams environment will be included in the cleanup process. You may have noticed Dataverse for Teams environments in an inactive or disabled state in the Power Platform admin center due to a partial rollout.

Where can I learn more?
To learn about the automatic cleanup process and how to trigger activity or re-enable or recover your environments, see the Power Platform documentation. For background on the reasons driving the cleanup process, see the terms of your licensing agreement. If you require further assistance, please contact Microsoft Support.

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