MC222989 – Intune Plan for Change: User experience update for Help and Support in MEM (archived)

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The Help and Support experience in Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM) uses machine learning to display solutions, diagnostics, and insights to help you resolve your problem. We?re updating this Help and Support user experience to get you more relevant content that will help you resolve your issues faster. How does this affect me? The Help and Support page accessed from the Troubleshooting blade and the ??? in the upper right corner currently displays a page where you can ?Select a management type?. With the October service update (2010), you?ll notice an updated UX with cards or tiles in all instances of the Help and Support blade in the MEM console. These cards will display different support areas or management types ? Intune, Co-management and Configuration Manager. Clicking on a card with the support scenario most relevant to your issue will take you to the ?Need Help? page. Here you can continue to search for issues by keywords as you do today to view helpful content and resolution steps. You can read more about the Help and Support experience in our documentation. What do I need to do to prepare for this change? Check out the new experience when it rolls out with 2010. We?ll update the What?s New page when it?s live. We?ll also update our documentation to include additional guidance for choosing a support scenario. Additional Information Get support in MEM

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