67096 – Exchange: Block sending to a Distribution Group when it?s on the BCC line

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check before: 2020-10-31


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The high message traffic on some groups can lead to Inbox clutter and noise, especially when many members use Reply All to respond on the thread. To reduce the noise many people will create an Inbox Rule to move incoming group messages to a specific folder. Some well-intended senders will put the group on the Bcc line so recipients can?t Reply All to the whole group. But Inbox Rules doesn?t evaluate any recipient on the Bcc line, so doing so effectively breaks the rule so the message ends up in the Inbox, thus contributing to the inbox clutter the user was trying to avoid. When this feature ships we?ll enable the ability for group and distribution list owners and admins to block sending to a group if the group is put on the Bcc line. If a user puts such a group on the Bcc line and sends the message, it?ll be rejected with a non-delivery report (NDR) saying Bcc?ing this group isn?t allowed.

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