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68728 – Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams EHR connector

check before: 2020-10-31 Product: Teams Scope: Platform: World tenant, Online Links: 68865 Details: [This is a duplicate of 68865 and will be removed.} The new Microsoft Teams EHR connector will allow clinicians and patients to

64289 – OneDrive: Sync reports (archived)

check before: 2020-12-31 Product: OneDrive for Business Scope: Platform: World tenant, Online, Windows Desktop, mobile Links: (65909) Details: (NOTE: This item is a duplicate of 65909 and will be removed.) Ability to monitor the heath

56361 – Tenant specific mailbox for sharing comms (archived)

check before: 2020-09-30 Product: OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Scope: Platform: Online, World tenant Links: MC192693 Details: This feature is cancelled.? Today all tenants share a common no-reply@sharepointonline.com domain for various email communication scenarios. With this

54733 – Outlook for Android: Time-zone support (archived)

check before: 2020-03-31 Product: Outlook Scope: Platform: Android Links: MC193281 Details: This item is no longer scheduled for availability. You can schedule events and meetings with co-workers in a different time-zone. Status:Cancelled Ring:Monthly Channel (Standard)

49375 – New mobile app features (archived)

check before: 2020-06-30 Product: Stream, Forms Scope: Platform: mobile Links: Details: Use channels and groups to help manage your videos, and interact with Microsoft Forms quizzes in Stream videos ? all directly from your mobile

34297 – Enhanced Threat Explorer

check before: 2020-08-31 Product: Advanced Threat Protection – Azure (ATP) Scope: Platform: Online Links: 6646766468 Details: [This feature has been moved to roadmap items 66467 and 66468 and will be removed from the roadmap.} Guided

33006 – Automapping on Mailbox Full Access (archived)

check before: 2020-11-30 Product: Exchange, Office Client Scope: Platform: World tenant, Web Links: Details: [This feature has been postponed and will be removed.] Customers can enable automapping when assigning Full Access permissions to cross-premises mailboxes