Tag: Germany

72200 – Power BI: New sharing experience

check before: 2021-03-31 Product: Power BI Scope: Platform: Germany, US Instances, World tenant, mobile, Web Links: (MC246001) Details: We’re introducing a new sharing capability in Power BI that will allow reports to be shared with

72174 – Outlook: My Day pane available in Office.com

check before: 2021-02-28 Product: Outlook Scope: Platform: Germany, US Instances, Web, World tenant Links: MC245995 Details: The My Day pane from Outlook is now available to users in Office.com. The My Day pane allows users

MC244732 – Request/Release workflow for quarantined messages

check before: 2021-03-31 Product: Exchange Scope: Platform: Online, World tenant Links: 6244962450 Details: With this new quarantine policy, tenant admins will be able to configure end user access to messages quarantined by the Exchange Online

70800 – SharePoint: Focus mode for modern SharePoint pages

check before: 2021-03-31 Product: SharePoint Scope: Platform: Germany, US Instances, World tenant, Web, Online Links: MC244912 Details: SharePoint page authors and viewers will be able to focus on page content by using the Expand content

MC244060 – Improved Person columns in Microsoft Lists

check before: 2021-03-25 Product: Graph API, Microsoft Lists, SharePoint Scope: Platform: Developer, Online, World tenant Links: 70751 Details: We are improving the behavior of Person columns in lists by making the suggestions that appear when

80684 – OneDrive: Exclude specific files from sync on macOS

check before: 2021-03-31 Product: OneDrive Scope: Platform: Germany, Mac, US Instances, World tenant Links: Details: Admins can exclude newly added files from syncing to the cloud by file name or extension on macOS. Status:In development

70753 – Microsoft Lists: Custom list templates

check before: 2021-04-30 Product: Microsoft Lists Scope: Platform: Germany, US Instances, World tenant, Web Links: Details: Today, we have several ready-made List templates designed to make it easy to get started tracking and managing information