Tag: Planner

MC504328 – Planner Scope Based Diff Sync API Update

check before: 2023-02-10 Product: Graph API, Planner Platform: Developer, World tenant Status: Change type: Feature update, Admin impact Links: Details: Delta Query enables applications to discover newly created, updated, or deleted entities without performing a

106120 – Microsoft Planner: Templates in Planner web

check before: 2023-03-01 Product: Planner Platform: US Instances, Web, World tenant Status: Rolling out Change type: Feature update Links: Details: Get started quickly by using a pre-made template to jump into your work. Release Phase:General

108865 – Microsoft Viva: Microsoft Planner Integration

check before: 2023-01-01 Product: Microsoft Viva, Planner, Project Platform: Web, World tenant, Online Status: Launched Change type: Feature update Links: Details: Connect Viva Goals projects and key results to Microsoft Planner. Release Phase:General Availability Created:2022-12-10

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