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98189 – Microsoft Viva: learning path creation

check before: 2022-12-01 Product: Microsoft Viva, Microsoft Viva Learning, Teams Platform: Android, iOS, Mac, mobile, Web, Windows Desktop, World tenant Status: In development Change type: Feature update Links: Details: Admins can create learning paths from

MC432474 – Major Update to Stream Mobile App

check before: 2022-09-30 Product: SharePoint, Stream, Teams Platform: Android, iOS, mobile, World tenant Status: Launched Change type: Feature update, Admin impact Links: 98916 Details: We plan to release a completely rebuilt Stream mobile app for

98148 – Viva: Learning integration with Viva Connections

*For this entry exists the more relevant or more recent entry MC436419 check before: 2022-09-01 Product: Microsoft Viva Connections, Microsoft Viva Learning, SharePoint, Teams Platform: Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, mobile, Online, Windows Desktop, World tenant

MC414800 – (Updated) Updates coming to Daily Briefing Emails

check before: 2022-08-31 Product: Microsoft Viva Platform: Android, iOS, Mac, mobile, Windows Desktop, World tenant Status: Rolling out Change type: Admin impact, New feature, Updated message Links: 93392 Details: Updated December 1, 2022: We have

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