MC686279 – Stream App in Microsoft Teams will be updated to Stream (on SharePoint)

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We are transitioning the Stream experience in the desktop client of Microsoft Teams from Stream (Classic) to Stream (on SharePoint). Once transitioned the Stream app in Microsoft Teams will display only Stream (on SharePoint) content--it will no longer display Stream (Classic) content. The new Stream (on SharePoint) app in Teams will feature similar content and features as found on the Stream start page.
The Stream app is currently accessible across multiple touchpoints on Teams, including the Stream app on Teams left rail, Stream on Teams message extension, and the Stream Tab on Chats/Channels. You can find the app by tapping the three dots on the Teams left rail and then search for Stream. As a first step, Stream app on Teams left rail will be updated to Stream (on Sharepoint). This updated version of Stream app will allow users to access the Stream start page within Teams, and quickly find and watch videos without switching apps. Users will have the option to pin the Stream app on the side panel for more convenient access in the future.
In the coming months, we will also transition the Stream app for Teams web and Teams mobile.
[When this will happen:]
Standard Release: We will begin rolling out early November and expect to complete by mid-November.

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