MC512933 – Microsoft Edge to replace built-in PDF engine with Adobe Acrobat PDF engine

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As part of the Adobe and Microsoft collaboration to re-envision the future workplace and digital experiences, we are natively embedding the Adobe Acrobat PDF engine into the Microsoft Edge built-in PDF reader. With the use of the Adobe Acrobat PDF engine, users will have a unique PDF experience that includes higher fidelity for more accurate colors and graphics, improved performance, strong security for PDF handling, and greater accessibility – including better text selection and read-aloud narration. There will be no loss of functionality with the use of the Adobe Acrobat PDF engine and these capabilities will continue to be free of cost. Organizations with Microsoft 365 E5 subscriptions can also view and validate certificate-based signatures and view PDF files protected through Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) at no extra cost.

Organizations with an existing Adobe Acrobat subscription can use the no-cost extension inside Microsoft Edge to unlock their subscription features – such as the ability to edit text and images, convert PDFs to other file formats, and combine files. Those who do not have an Adobe Acrobat subscription can purchase a license that enables access to these advanced features inside Microsoft Edge via an extension. There is no requirement to purchase an Adobe Acrobat subscription to use the Microsoft Edge built-in PDF free capabilities.

When will this happen:

Starting in March 2023, organizations can opt-in to use the Adobe Acrobat PDF engine in the Microsoft Edge built-in PDF reader via Intune policy. The policy will be available as soon as the Adobe Acrobat PDF engine is available. After opting-in, organizations have the option to opt-out of this experience via the same Intune policy.

To meet the needs of organizations with managed devices, the transition to the built-in Microsoft Edge PDF reader with the Adobe Acrobat PDF engine will occur in phases:
March 2023: Unmanaged device rollout will begin in March 2023. Managed devices can opt-in using policy via Intune.
September 2023: Rollout to organizations will begin no earlier than September 2023. Organizations with managed devices may opt out of this experience via Intune policy.
March 31st, 2024: The legacy PDF engine in the Microsoft Edge PDF reader is scheduled to be removed (and opt-out no longer available) on March 31st, 2024.

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