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The In development for Microsoft Intune page in our documentation has been updated. Additionally, as part of Microsoft Ignite, several new features are being announced as in development or public preview, see this recap for a summary or read more at the links below.

How does this affect me?

The In development page provides a list of features in upcoming releases of Microsoft Intune to assist in your readiness and planning. The list has now been updated. You’ll start seeing these changes in the next month or in a subsequent release. Note that not all of the features announced with Microsoft Ignite are on In Development yet; see the Additional Information links below.
What do I need to prepare for this change?
You can inform your IT staff and helpdesk of the upcoming changes listed on this page. Plan to update your user guidance, if you feel any of these features would be important to your users.

Additional Information
Intune In development
Recap: Microsoft Ignite announcements for Microsoft Endpoint Manager
Remote help: a new remote assistance tool from Microsoft
Endpoint security for unenrolled Defender for Endpoint devices
Microsoft Endpoint Manager adds management and compliance checks for Linux desktop

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