68801 – Microsoft Search: Smart Find (Find-in-Document) in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

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Search your document like you search the web. We?re utilizing well-established web search technologies, such as query and document understanding, and adding deep learning based natural language models. This allows us to handle a much broader set of search queries beyond ?exact match.? Typos: When there is a misspelling in the query, search can now show related matches. For example, technincian vs. technician. Forms of words: When there are different forms of the word in document and query. For example: tech, technology, technologies?; or USA, U.S.A, United States, United States of America; or newborn, new born, new-born, etc. Synonyms: For example: citation, quotation, quote, reference might be all the candidates for a term that you are searching for inside the document. A multi-word query: A single word query might lead to too many search results. A modern semantic search can often yield better results. For example: as a query of Oil Price, the content having Price of Oil, Prices of the Oil, Cost of Oil can offer related matches from within the document content.

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