Tag: Yammer Enterprise

MC232787 – Data Export to include additional Open Graph (OG) object information

check before: 2021-01-11 Product: Yammer Scope: Platform: Developer, World tenant Links: Details: We are changing https://developer.yammer.com/v1.0/docs/data-export-api how we export information related to an https://developer.yammer.com/docs/open-graph Open Graph (OG) object when we export messages in Yammer. Status:

MC229540 – (Updated) Yammer Community Insights and Questions

check before: 2020-12-18 Product: Yammer Scope: Platform: World tenant, Online Links: 65591 Details: Updated January 04, 2021: We have updated this post for accuracy. The new Community Insights feature in Yammer enables Community Managers to

MC228391 – Send Sharepoint pages to Yammer

check before: 2020-12-10 Product: SharePoint, Yammer Scope: Platform: Online, World tenant Links: 66183 Details: We are adding the ability to share SharePoint pages to Yammer communities and to make it easier to create Yammer posts,

MC226941 – Yammer Desktop App Update

check before: 2021-02-15 Product: Yammer Scope: Platform: World tenant, Web, Windows Desktop Links: Details: As https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/yammer-blog/what-s-new-for-yammer-at-microsoft-ignite-2020/ba-p/1688689 announced at Ignite, we will be bringing the new Yammer experience and capabilities to our current Yammer Desktop App

MC222345 – (Updated) New Yammer setting change

check before: 2020-10-13 Product: Yammer Scope: Platform: World tenant, Web, Online Links: 70073 Details: Updated November 12, 2020: To ensure the best possible experience for our users, we are delaying some of our deployments to