Tag: Windows 10

70809 – Yammer: Nested Replies in Yammer

check before: 2021-06-30 Product: Windows 10, Yammer Scope: Platform: Android, iOS, Mac, Windows Desktop, World tenant Links: Details: Yammer conversations will soon have nested replies. This threading makes it easier for users to read and

70698 – Microsoft Teams: PowerShell Support for Team Templates

check before: 2021-02-28 Product: Teams, Windows 10 Scope: Platform: Engineering, Windows Desktop, World tenant Links: MC241862 Details: PowerShell support for team templates operations including creating a new team template, viewing all available team templates, Status:Launched

MC238648 – Microsoft Teams: Share to Teams from Outlook (archived)

check before: 2021-02-23 Product: Exchange, Information Rights Management, OneDrive, Outlook, SharePoint, Teams Scope: Platform: Mac, Online, Web, World tenant Links: 689097059871265 Details: We are updating the Share to Teams capability in Outlook for Windows, Outlook