Tag: Prevent or Fix Issues

MC199457 – Files not encrypted by Yammer Android (archived)

check before: 2020-01-13 Product: Intune, Yammer Platform: Android Status: Change type: Links: Details: This notification is to inform you that we recently investigated and corrected an issue within the Yammer service that was causing files

57812 – SharePoint: Image Resize (archived)

*For this entry exists the more relevant or more recent entry MC198528 check before: 2019-12-31 Product: SharePoint Platform: World tenant, Web Status: Launched Change type: Links: MC198528 Details: With this update, page editors will also

MC189270 – Report message pipeline for GCC (archived)

check before: 2019-09-06 Product: Exchange, Office Client, Outlook Platform: US Instances Status: Change type: Links: Details: In order to meet additional GCC cloud audit requirements we are temporarily pausing the report message pipeline feature. We

MC188422 – Fix issue with Canvas app web link (archived)

check before: 2019-08-27 Product: PowerApps Platform: Online, World tenant Status: Change type: Links: Details: Description: Our telemetry has determined that apps that read parameters from the URL query may be experiencing failures reading the first

MC184636 – Keep your Federation Trust up-to-date (archived)

check before: 2019-07-05 Product: Exchange, SharePoint Platform: Online, World tenant Status: Change type: Links: Details: Microsoft periodically refreshes certificates in Office 365 as part of our effort to maintain a highly available and secure environment.

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