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MC534307 – Pin workspaces is now available (archived)

check before: 2023-04-12 Product: Power BI Platform: World tenant, Web Status: Change type: New feature, Admin impact Links: Details: We are excited to announce that the pin workspace feature is now available! You can pin

MC513050 – Export list as a dataset to Power BI (archived)

check before: 2023-02-23 Product: Microsoft Lists, Power BI, SharePoint Platform: Online, US Instances, Web, World tenant Status: Launched Change type: New feature, Admin impact Links: 117379 Details: We are adding a new option under the

109490 – Microsoft Viva: Power BI and Viva Goals integration

check before: 2023-01-01 Product: Microsoft Viva, Power BI, Project Platform: Windows Desktop, World tenant Status: Launched Change type: Links: Details: Automatically update Viva Goals (Key Results, projects) with data from Power BI reports so users

102409 – Power BI: Power BI content in Microsoft 365 Graph

*For this entry exists the more relevant or more recent entry MC543384 check before: 2023-07-01 Product: Graph API, Microsoft Graph, Microsoft Search, Power BI, SharePoint Platform: Android, Developer, iOS, Mac, Online, Web, Windows Desktop, World

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