Tag: O365

MC697801 – Modern Translator feature in Outlook Microsoft 365

check before: 2023-12-27 Product: Outlook, Planner, Teams Platform: Windows Desktop, World tenant Status: Launched Change type: Feature update, Admin impact Links: 20460 Details: The Modern Translator feature in Microsoft Outlook (Windows Desktop) is making changes

MC208307 – Update – Feature Update: Secure by Default (archived)

check before: 2020-04-08 Product: Advanced Threat Protection – Office 365, Defender ATP, Exchange, Information Protection, Microsoft Information Protection, Purview Information Protection Platform: Online, World tenant Status: Cancelled Change type: Links: 62398 Details: Updated April 24,

59664 – Add participants to Teams Meetings chat (archived)

check before: 2019-11-30 Product: Office 365 general, Teams Platform: Android, mobile, Online, Windows Desktop, World tenant Status: Launched Change type: Links: 59386 Details: Today in private meeting chat threads, user don’t have functionality to easily

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