Tag: Monthly Channel (Standard)

MC238648 – Microsoft Teams: Share to Teams from Outlook

check before: 2021-02-23 Product: Exchange, Information Rights Management, OneDrive, Outlook, SharePoint, Teams Scope: Platform: Mac, Online, Web, World tenant Links: 689097059871265 Details: We are updating the Share to Teams capability in Outlook for Windows, Outlook

MC237968 – Text predictions in Outlook for Android

check before: 2021-02-19 Product: Exchange, Outlook Scope: Platform: Android, Online, World tenant Links: 67028MC225214MC229381MC229558 Details: Text predictions help Microsoft 365 users write more efficiently by using intelligent technology to suggest text during composition. This feature

79865 – Outlook for iOS: Conversational AI with Cortana

check before: 2021-03-31 Product: Cortana, Outlook Scope: Platform: iOS, World tenant Links: MC237346 Details: Ask Cortana to provide assistant to schedule meetings, compose short email messages, and find files, emails, and people that are relevant

MC236523 – Public preview simplified mobile app sign in

check before: 2021-02-12 Product: Azure Active Directory, Exchange, Outlook Scope: Platform: mobile, Web, World tenant Links: 6914769148 Details: Updated February 1, 2021: We have updated this post to include a link to Additional Information for

71042 – Outlook for Android: Weather

check before: 2021-03-31 Product: Outlook Scope: Platform: Android, Education, US Instances, World tenant Links: Details: Weather in Outlook for Android gives you the latest weather information based on your current location and indicates the forecast