Tag: Monthly Channel (Standard)

80164 – Outlook for Windows: Every meeting online for GCC

check before: 2021-10-31 Product: Outlook, Teams Platform: Online, US Instances Status: In development Change type: Feature update, User impact Links: Details: Update your settings to make every meeting you create a Teams Meeting by default

MC237968 – Text predictions in Outlook for Android (archived)

check before: 2021-02-19 Product: Exchange, Outlook Scope: Platform: Android, Online, World tenant Links: 67028MC225214MC229381MC229558 Details: Text predictions help Microsoft 365 users write more efficiently by using intelligent technology to suggest text during composition. This feature

79865 – Outlook for iOS: Conversational AI with Cortana

check before: 2021-06-30 Product: Cortana, Outlook Platform: iOS, World tenant Status: Launched Change type: New feature, User impact Links: MC237346 Details: Ask Cortana to provide assistant to schedule meetings, compose short email messages, and find

71042 – Outlook for Android: Weather

check before: 2021-03-31 Product: Outlook Platform: Android, Education, US Instances, World tenant Status: Launched Change type: New feature Links: Details: Weather in Outlook for Android gives you the latest weather information based on your current

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