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Basic plus

best to keep up with the Roadmap
and Message Center changes
0 (monthly)
  • Office 365 subscribers only!
  • weekly Roadmap update reports download
  • weekly Message Center update reports Download
  • permanently free


best for save personal time
in change assessment
9 (monthly + plus VAT)
  • “Basic plus” subscription plus….
  • access to Launched Items report - print view
  • access to all historic reports
  • combined Roadmap and Message Center reports
  • categorization by responsibilities
  • reports prepared scope, product, and platform
  • Evergreen planner access
  • 90 € paid anually (plus VAT)


best for save team time
and change automation
25 (monthly + plus VAT)
  • “Advanced personal” subscription plus…
  • Print views of Evergreen planner and Launched Items
  • access to Launched Items report
  • access to all historic reports
  • combined Roadmap and Message Center reports
  • API access to Items
  • create custom exportable reports
  • 250 € paid anually (plus VAT)
best value


all-in-one integration and automation
  • your individual reports in your SharePoint
  • automation in your environment with Power Automate possible
  • combined reports sorted by scope or product
  • reports for your tenant’s Message Center (API access needed)
  • automation integration in to ServiceNow and others
  • access to all Advenced professional plan features

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