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The new Microsoft Purview portal introduces a modernized eDiscovery experience, unifying Content Search, eDiscovery Standard, and eDiscovery Premium with enhanced features for efficiency and data management. Public Preview begins late July 2024, with General Availability starting early October 2024. Organizations should update training materials and documentation in preparation.

A modernized user experience (UX) for Microsoft Purview eDiscovery will be available in the Purview portal. In this new UX experience, Content Search, eDiscovery Standard, and eDiscovery Premium are unified so that users can now navigate a shared workflow that simplifies the transition between non-premium and premium features. This UX modernization also introduces features that enhance the eDiscovery process. Some of these new features include:

Enhanced search efficiency with message ID and sensitivity labels for faster access to information.
Use of the improved search by Sensitive Information Type (SIT) interface for user-friendly selection without manual input.
Advanced Data Source Mapping allows linking a user's OneDrive using input such as the user's mailbox Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) address or user’s name, streamlining data retrieval and management.
Acceleration through powerful investigation capabilities, such as user's frequent collaborators, providing a comprehensive view of the user's networks.
Stay updated with the new Data Source synchronization feature, which allows users to easily track any new or removed data locations, ensuring that eDiscovery investigations remain aligned with the latest data source landscape.
The new visual Statistics feature allows users to gain insights at a glance, such as Results containing Sensitive Information Types, top communication participants, and so on.
Monitor long-running processes with an informed and transparent progress bar with the option to cancel (for certain process types) if needed.
Obtain a full process report for all actions taken, such as statistics for holds and exports, bolstering the defensibility of your eDiscovery efforts.
Customize your exports with new settings, including the option to export as a single PST file path truncation and the use of friendly names to make exported data more accessible.
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[When this will happen:]
Public Preview: We will begin rolling out late July 2024 and expect to complete by early August 2024.
General Availability (Worldwide, GCC, GCC High, DoD): We will begin rolling out early October 2024 and expect to complete by late November 2024.

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