MC780743 – Changes to Administrator Permissions Required to Create and Manage Teams Resource Accounts

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The message details upcoming changes to Teams administrator permissions affecting the creation and management of Teams Phone Resource Accounts. Starting mid-July 2024, only Microsoft 365 Global Admins or User Admins will be able to create and manage these accounts, impacting users with specific Teams admin roles. Organizations are advised to prepare by adjusting their processes accordingly.
This notice is regarding changes coming to the Teams administrator permissions that are used to create Teams Phone Resource Accounts for: Auto Attendants, Call Queues and certified Teams Call Center applications. This change could affect users with “Teams Administrator”, “Teams Communications Administrator” or the “Teams Telephony Administrator” role.

Currently, the underlying Team service’s permission is used to create Resource Accounts in M365. After this change, the ability to create Resource Accounts will leverage the Microsoft 365 admin role’s permission to create user accounts instead of the underlying service’s permission.
The “Teams Administrator”, “Teams Communications Administrator” and “Teams Telephony Administrator” roles will not have user creation permissions so this change may result in disruption in your organization’s ability to create these Resource Accounts.
Organizations that utilize those Teams roles will require Administrators with user creation permission such as Microsoft 365 Global Admin or User Admin to create and manage these Resource Accounts.
[When this will happen:]
We will begin rolling out in mid-July 2024 and expect to complete by late September of 2024.

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